"We are happy, but the fight isn't over”, statements of the people affected

Ibama suspended the licensing of the hydropower project of São Luiz do Tapajós, in Pará, the largest project planned to be build in Brazil.

The decision of the federal environmental organ, IBAMA is taken in the same day that Funai announced the approval of the studies for the indigenous land demarcation of Sawré Maybú.

The Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) which has been organizing within the threatened communities celebrates the decision, but alerts that this fight is only over when the project is canceled definitely.

Herby we share some of the statements of the people affected in the region. The videos have been taken with support of the European Union and Christian Aid, which have supported MAB's work in the region, through the project “The rights of women affected by dams”.

“When I talk about the dam I always cry a lot, but today I'm happy to know that Ibama suspended the work with this dam”. (Dona Teresa, resident of the Pimental community)


"Funai did not want to demarcate ... knowing that if he [the president of Funai] signs [the demarcation], the dam would be built." (Alessanda Mundurukú, Village Indian Beach)

The fight does not stop." (Jeová Macedo, Itaituba, of MAB Youth Collective)


This project is not good for us, our community, our peace, our freedom is what does good to us" (Edmilson Ribeiro Azevedo, a resident of Pimental community threatened by the construction of the dam of São Luiz do Tapajós)

For us women it's an achievement because we know that women are the most affected by the dam construction process." (Lucielle Viana, militant of MAB in the Tapajós)


"For us workers, riverine, indigenous, quilombolas and so on, it has been a victory, but the struggle continues because the process is very big" (Rizonildo dos Santos, from the Pimental community).

"I thank God the Munduruku exists, they gave us the strength to defend what is ours, our nature, our Tapajos." (Geraldo Couto dos Santos, from the Periquitos community threatened by the dam of São Luiz do Tapajos)



The struggle continues, because until now has not set a definitive cancellation, so from now we will continue organized and fight for the definitive cancellation." (Heidy Lima, MAB activist and resident of Pimental)


"We were already going to war, going to Brasilia, to fight." (Cacique Brasilino Paygo, from Aldeia Praia do Indio, Itaituba)


“Now we have to unite forces and continue fighting for the definitive cancellation.”(Rejânia Macedo, of MAB's women collective, Itaituba)

"We cannot trust in this putschist congress which we have today in this country, because this congress can apply another coup in changing the laws to implement these projects.” (Iury Paulino, MAB's coordination in Pará)