Families affected by Castanhão dam organize themselves

From 24 to 29 October, a brigade of militants of MAB is campaigning to organise the families affected by the dam Castanhão built on the Rio Jaguaribe in the state of Ceará. The proposal is the organization in grassroots groups, in order to advance in areas of production, training and struggling.

With the joint effort, the militants are visiting families from house to house, in order to present the message of the movement and reinforce the importance of organizing themselves in the grassroots groups. During the day, the brigade makes home visits and at night hold meetings.

For your Raimudo Aquinas, 79, the loss of the place where he was born and raised was like the lose of his existence. "If I see a government representative, I will tell him the misfortune he did with our lives. Where I lived, I planted all I needed and almost did not buy anything. Today I only am alive because God wants, and not got used to this place where I even have to pay for water to drink".

The hope of the families is that with the organization in grassroots groups, new forms of resistance and struggle will be implemented to improve the living conditions of families.