Farmers press for debt negotiation in the state of RS

Thousands of peasants and members of Via Campesina and Fetraf held demonstrations in various municipalities of the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. They are pressing the federal government to negotiate the debts of farmers. On the 23th of August, Via Campesina was received by the government in Brasilia and that commited itself to write a proposal to solve the problem.

The bridge between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in the city of Marcelino Ramos, was locked during 2 days byh more than 1000 farmers. According to the coordinators of the movement, the bridge will only be released after a positive response from the Federal Government.

In Emerald, also in the Uruguay River basin, 200 farmers of the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) demonstrated in front of the Bank of Brazil. A committee of farmers delivered their demandsin the Banco do Brazil of the municipalities of Lagoa Vermelha and Vacaria. 

In the city of Palmeira das Missões, 300 farmers mobilized in front of the Bank of Brazil. In Três Passos there were 500 farmers. The demonstrations are also occurring in Passo Fundo, São Lorenzo, and São Miguel.

The actions are an offspring from demonstrations that took place in early July in the state, with thousands of families. The Federal Government, has not discussed the debt issue with small farmers for more than two years.

In Brasilia three thousand farmers remain camped in front of the Ministry of Finance, awaiting the outcome of the meeting with the Government.