MAB and MST are more than four months camping in the south

About 150 family members of the MAB and the MST started camping in the town of Cerro Negro, Santa Catarina, in the month of June. With the camp, the farmers aim to pressure for agrarian reform and that the Triumph company, owner of the dam Garibaldi, recognize the affected families. Triumph is the majority shareholder of the Rio Canoas Energy Consortium and so far has not started negotiations with the campers.

According to the reports of the farmers affected by the dam, the company refuses to negotiate with the families. In addition, the company is not applying the Presidential Decree No. 7342 of October 26, 2010, which guarantees the social register of the families affected by dams. "The company is doing only a technical report according to their own criteria and not as stated in the decree. And what is worse, the farmers do not have access to these reports" denounced the farmers.

MAB estimates that more than 1000 families will be affected by the dam of Garibaldi. The movement is concerned about Triumph's position because it is using the same treatment applied by the other southern 
dam companies, who do not consider the rights of affected families.

Families will remain camping until the resolution of this problem. "We want and have the right to stay on our land, producing healthy food for our families and bringing income to the municipality of Cerro Negro" says Ribeiro Denilson, affected by the barrage of Garibaldi.